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Purchase your engraved custom memorial, family, or business concrete paver to show your support for the river trails.  Your paver will be located in a highly visible location at the River Reach Terrace for all river walk visitors to see and enjoy every day for years to come.

We’ll have you fill out a form (below) to let us know what you want printed on your paver.  The number of lines and characters per line will vary based on the size of the paver you purchase.  If you have a logo, we can engrave that on your paver as well.  All proceeds from pavers go to River Reach Foundation Trail Development.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Step 1 – Complete the order form below

Step 2 – Purchase the paver to match your order

Step 3 – If you select one of the “Text & Logo” options below, please email your artwork to after completing Steps 1 & 2

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Text & Logo Example


Submit the order form here, then purchase your paver below in Step 2.

Custom Brick Paver Order Form

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4x8 Engraving Option

8x8 Engraving Option

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Submit the order form in Step 1 above, then purchase your paver here.