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Dedicated to the protection, promotion, and enhancement of Farmington’s riverine corridors.




Our Story

The RiverReach Foundation was established September, 1986 following a Regional Design Assistance Team river study from the American Institute of Architects. The study incorporated a nine mile corridor along the Animas and San Juan Rivers through the City of Farmington.

Miles of rusted car bodies, trash, and slabs of concrete created an eyesore along the banks of the river. The neglected areas attracted homeless individuals that created a danger for the community.

In March, 1987 the community passed a one-quarter Gross Receipts Tax to fund several different recreation projects. River trail development was started that Spring along with bank cleanup. In September of that same year, the River Reach Foundation celebrated the first woodchip trail by holding the inaugural Riverfest. The event was an invitation for everyone to enjoy the river’s beauty.

With sixty five percent of the surface water in New Mexico passing through Farmington, these rivers are our greatest community natural resource. 

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